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A Passion For Filmmaking - Complete Film Courage Interview with Brian Jun via

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00:00 - I Struggled To Get A Movie Made After My Sundance Debut
07:08 - What Do You Do When Your Movie Dies?
09:51 - Getting The Call From The Sundance Film Festival
17:29 - Casting Lessons I Learned From A Casting Director
23:36 - The Biggest Casting Mistake A Filmmaker Can Make
27:25 - In The Film Business, There’s Always Someone Who Will Take Your Job
31:25 - There Are Millions Of People Who Talk A Good Game In Hollywood
33:39 - The Story Behind The Fertility Movie IN THE BUCK
35:28 - Where Kickstarter Excels And Where It Fails
38:16 - Does Your Crowdfunding Pitch Video Tell A Story?
43:25 - Helping Crowdfunding Backers Understand How To Donate
45:01 - Reality Of Being 1 Of 100,000 Crowdfunding Projects Online
49:01 - Filmmaking Keeps Me Out Of Trouble
58:43 - How I’ve Financed My First Four Feature Films
1:00:58 - Most Independent Movies Have Zero Value
1:03:48 - Ultimate Filmmaking Motivation
1:10:43 - How To Get Your Second Feature Film Made
1:13:45 - The Day A Film Professor Told Me I’ll Never Make A Movie
1:19:44 - The Reality Of Distribution For Independent Filmmakers
1:22:44 - Hollywood Movies Are Fast Food
1:25:15 - How I Learned To Be A Movie Director